In northern Bavaria & the heart of Germany  

 ... a small community in Lower Franconia, 15 km northeast of the university and cultural city of Würzburg and 10km southeast of the county town Karlstadt is market Zellingen / Retzbach in Main-Spessart.

In particular, the central location in Maintal between Würzburg and Karlstadt with a well-developed network of cycle paths and various hiking trails in the surrounding area, Retzbach / Zellingen distinguish a great base for an active holiday in Franconia.

 Conveniently located motorway exits of the A3 motorway, the A7, make it easy to find Zellingen without navigation system.

... tour of Retzbach


 Many historic buildings have been preserved in Altortkern which are to receive their former glory in the ongoing village renewal measure again at the time.




One way the many pilgrims from far and wide tread .. on Herrenbrücke the Sanctuary Maria in the green valley

The Sanctuary of Maria in the open valley 
is one of the oldest and still significant Sanctuaries in the diocese of Würzburg.

View from Retzbach to Zellingen on the Main ...

 The historic town hall in Retzbach 
from 1576 in 2001 was redeveloped

Retzbach of a hill in Zellingen ..